Welcome to my own terminal v0.1.0 (GNU/Linux 4.9.0-8-amd64 x86_64) * Github: * Linkedin: * E-mail: This terminal gives access to my professional profile, you can find files and links about my carreer or my achievements, and if you want, you can contact me with the command 'contact-me'. Last login: Mon May 11 21:50:34 2020 Type 'help' to list all the available commands
ls Lists all files and folders on current directory cat [FILE] Prints the content of a file clear Clear the terminal change-theme Change the terminal theme color between black and white contact-me [YOUR_EMAIL] [SUBJECT] [MESSAGE] Send to me a e-mail from [YOUR_EMAIL] with the subject [SUBJECT] and the message body [MESSAGE]. help Prints this help block --hidden Prints hidden commands :p
Hi, I'm Eric Dallo (nick Greg =]) and I'm a lover of linux, specifically NixOS, and a Emacs fanatic. I started programming with mobile apps, then web sites and already tried to create even little games. I like the idea of building my career in this wonderful and magic area. Today besides my other hobbies, my favorite is to code a new and fresh app studying some programming language, framework or tecnology.
lsp-dart │ Emacs IDE for Dart and Flutter │ hover.el │ Run Flutter apps on desktop without emulator via Emacs │ ripple_effect │ A Flutter package for adding a ripple effect on your app │ spring-s3-properties-loader │ Spring component to load external properties from AWS S3 │ gregflix │ A Clojure web app with video stream │ bctrader │ A GO application to buy/sell digital coins │ correios-java-sdk │ Java SDK for Correios api's │ MediaUSJT-mobile │ Android app for universsity grades calculations │ CubePush │ Unity game │
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By Greg™